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Arbor Day!


Arbor Day is a US day dedicated to public tree planting. So plant a tree today and help save the Earth!

When is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day will be on Thursday, April 25 2019, it is always on the last Friday in April in the US.

What is Arbor Day?

The day originated in Nebraska in 1872 where 1 million trees were planted in one day! Annually on the last Friday in April over 36 countries celebrate Arbor Day worldwide.

How can I celebrate Arbor Day?

Join the Arbor Day Foundtion, help plant trees in both forests and in your backyard. Other ways to celebrate might include rubbing the bark of a tree using paper and a crayon. The good thing is that there is no need to give gifts or cook big meals!

Tip: Wait until the countdown hits 0 if you're in for a treat!

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